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Tommy Brann

Tommy Brann

For Michigan Senate

Tommy Brann has been working in the restaurant business since the age of 17. At the age of 19, Tommy had opened his restaurant, Tommy Brann's Sizzling Steaks and Sports Grille. Soon thereafter, bills began arriving at his restaurant. The bills were oftentimes $5,000 or more a month. As a small business man, Tommy had no choice but to become conservative-minded; he chose to work hard in order to pay his bills and stay in business.

State Representative

5 5 years

Small Business Owner

50 50 years

Michigan Resident

70 70 years
Tommy Brann with Ski Patrol

Ski Patrol

Tommy Brann at the Captol with the Ski Patrol, including wife, Sue (left).

Tommy Brann winning AMBUCS Award

Community Leadership Award

Tommy Brann at Marge's Donut Den being awarded the Community Leadership Award from AMBUCS.

Tommy Brann speaking outside the Capitol building.

Outside the Capitol

Tommy Brann addresses reporters outside the Capitol building during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tommy Brann and Marge Wilson

Marge Wilson

Tommy Brann and Marge Wilson.

10 to Defend Rally

Free Enterprise Rally

Tommy speaks at his 10 to Defend free enterprise rally at Calder Plaza.

Tommy and Sue Brann with dog Howie

Taking Howie for a Walk

Tommy and wife Sue take Howie for a walk.

Get to Know Tommy

Tommy draws inspiration from his father, John Brann. John started his restaurateur path in 1941 when he received a $5000 dollar loan from Tommy's Great Uncle George. John's story of owning and operating a small business triggered Tommy's passion and desire to serve others. Little did Tommy's Uncle George or his father, John, realize the series of events which would to lead Brann's Sizzling Steaks and Sports Grille and to it's current success.

Tommy has been married 47 years to his beautiful wife Sue. Tommy met Sue through his restaurant when he was 19 years old. Sue graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor's Degree. With her degree, she has filled the role as a substitute teacher in the Grand Rapids area. Sue is a great skier and has earned her national number in ski patrol.

Tommy is an avid supporter and lover of dogs. As of late, Tommy's dog Howie passed away. There isn't a day that goes by where he doesn't think of Howie. There is said to be a fair amount of drama surrounding the operations and ownership in a small business. But whenever Tommy would come home to his dog Howie, Howie would make things seem complete. Because of Howie and each of Tommy's past pet-family members, he stands as a strong supporter and advocate for animals.

Through the ownership and operations of Branns Restaurant, Tommy has been on the frontlines of life. He has served our families and heard our stories. At a young age, his dad taught Tommy to root for the underdog. Because of that, his experiences, the stories he's heard, and so much more, he's pro-life. He has seen how a baby can change the life and heart of a mother. One of his servers was a partier and lived day-to-day with little guidance in her life. She became pregnant as a single mother and gave birth to a baby. Over the course of the months following the child's birth, he watched the baby save the server from her lifestyle. Her baby helped her as much as she helped that child. If you elect Tommy as your State Representative, he won't forget his roots, his customers, and his neighbors that have helped Tommy grow, develop, and learn for all these past years.

Although Tommy is a hard-working small businessman, everyone needs a hobby or two. Tommy is a strong advocate for physical fitness and health. In that time that Tommy has available, he attends the gym and does weightlifting. In recent years, Tommy has persevered and earned his black belt in Karate. Outside of the restaurant, he has served in various leadership positions at the city, county, and state levels. Among these positions are:

  • President of the Division Avenue Business Association
  • 9 year Board Member of the Michigan Restaurant Association
  • Advisory Board member at Grand Rapids Community College's Culinary Division
  • Past Chairman of Wyoming-Kentwood Chamber of Commerce
  • President of the Wyoming EDC (Economic Development Corporation)
  • Chair of Godwin Heights Advisory Committee
  • One-on-one mentor in Wyoming - Gateway Project Innovator.
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